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The Regulars: Friday March 15th at 7:30 Tickets £12.00. Call:01749 870763

Easton Village hall invite you to spend an evening with theatre company Teatro Vivo, exploring the ghosts of the past still present in the hall today.

Teatro Vivo is a critically acclaimed theatre company making playful and exciting immersive shows in unusual spaces

Have you ever thought about who might have nursed a pint at this table before you?  Who propped up the bar a decade ago? 

   The pub (village hall) is a meeting place; a hub of activity.  It’s a place where time can stand still.  But what if it does more than that?  What if it reverses, accelerates, twists and collides.  ‘Last orders’ are never called and THE REGULARS have never left.  And as the drinks flow, how blurred is the line between fact and fiction? 


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